Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas from the almost still newlyweds! Its been a great year, one in which we, Antonia (Toni ) and Byron, tied the knot. We had a fantastic wedding, with over a hundred attending. We had a great time. The wedding was held out doors at the Foote Lagoon in Loveland, Co, and the reception was held at the Chilson center a short distance away. We honeymooned at the Disney Dolphin resort in Florida for four days, and went on a Carnivale Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas for three days. What a blast! We toured all the sites at Disneyworld, MGM and Epcot, and enjoyed every minute of it. About the only bad experience on the trip was Byron’s loss of his wedding ring while snorkeling along the Corral Park. We replaced it aftter our return, however, and its almost as good as the first one. Next time he’ll be sure to not wear his ring while swimming. Men don’t have much jewelry experience. We want to thank each and every one of you who came to our wedding from near and far, and to each of you who sent us your best wishes. Thank you, it means alot to us.

Toni works at Colorado Memory Systems as a customer support technician. Byron at the Coors Brewing Company in Golden. Byron’s commute takes away from a bit of free time, but it’s a good place to work. Before we buy a house we’ll probably have to decide whether to stay in Loveland or move to Golden. That’s our next goal, though, to get in to our own house.

Toni and Byron both had parts in a local play recently. Toni played a demur secretary type, Byron a surly man. Toni keeps saying Byron was perfectly cast. Byron doesn’t get it, he’s such a nice guy. Toni’s part was a good deal larger than Byron’s and he had to constantly hear about who was star. Good grief, give somebody a few lines and it goes right to their heads. We’re both on the Loveland Community Theatre board of director’s, too. The last play of the season will be co-director by Toni & Byron! It should be really fun. It’ll be a kid’s show- The Prince Who Wouldn’t Talk. We’ve got some great ideas. Toni and I had a very successful run of Androcles and the Lion before we we’re married, and we’re looking forward to directing for children again.

Byron continues to annoy friends and especially Toni with every new magic trick he comes close to perfecting. He’s gone pro, now. Diane, Byron’s sister, hired him for her company’s children’s Christmas party. He did two performances for around 100 kids each, and made almost as many balloon animals. He had a great time and hopes he has even more opportunities to perform.

We both look forward to a great many more Christmas’ together. Hoping this finds you well and happy this holiday season,

Antonia & Byron Ferguson