Christmas 1997

The Fergusons send you Season’s Greetings from somewhere near Golden…

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is here again! Most of what happened last year was not good, and we were VERY happy to see 1996 leave. This year (1997) has been much, much better.

January brought us news destined to shape the rest of our year. Toni and Byron were pregnant. Ok, Toni was pregnant- Byron was petrified. This was our official confirmation. We had already gotten our unofficial confirmation. Byron had made two separate trips at two in the morning for home pregnancy tests. Regardless of the stated accuracy on the box it seems neither of us could trust our own scientifically conducted double blind test. After the doctor used exactly the same test, then we could begin the mad nursery planning, financial planning, and college education planning. Is it any wonder that Byron was petrified?

In addition to the regular test, both of us were very interested in Toni having an ultrasound to dispel any other worries. On TV, an ultrasound provides the clarity of a beautiful Ansel Adams-like photo of your developing child. In real life, an ultrasound more closely resembles the picture on a 1940’s B/W television during a flurry of sunspot activity. Fortunately, knowing this, the Dr. provides an ultrasound technician who is trained in interpreting the various shades of static. Our’s helped identify two blips on the hi-tech radar screen as twins. “Huh? Twins?” was all Byron could really say. Other than the sudden lack of blood flowing to his now pale face, he recovered quickly. He was now, however, doubly petrified.

In March, Toni and Byron received the results of Toni’s amniocentesis. Most importantly the tests showed that both babies were genetically sound. Of course, both Toni and Byron were also very interested in the future sexes of their children. Byron’s high-school-biology genetics review indicated that the possibility of a boy AND A girl was SO/SO. Without a current passport- if it should turn out that both babies were boys- Byron would be unable to leave the country. Fortunately for Byron, and to both Byron & Toni’s pleasure, we were elated to find out that we would be having a boy AND a girl!

The next 4 months were spent trying to choose names. Neither Byron nor Toni left the house, ate, drank, or slept the entire time. Lists and lists of names were gathered and collated. Toni’s names tended towards the traditional- names like William and Susan. Byron’s names took on a less traditional feeling- names like Xena and Moon-unit. After only a little discussion, Toni and Byron were able to agree on a girl’s name. The boy’s name was much more difficult to agree upon (Byron just wouldn’t give on Moon-Unit), but they finally did agree. Both agreed to the names- Kyra, and Nolan.

While discussing names, we were also able to prepare a nursery (why aren’t there any 2 for 1 sales on baby stuff?), and attend parenting and birth classes. In our spare time, we composed a symphony, knitted 27 pairs of booties, and perfected our gourmet French-cuisine cooking skills. Ok, in reality we didn’t get much else done.
Toni’s projected due date of August 9 seemed less and less likely as July came and progressed. Toni was already (ah hem … ) the size of a house (ok, a small house.)

On July 29, Toni and Byron loaded up the car and headed to the hospital. Labor, while uncomfortable (ok, downright excruciating,) did entitle Toni to all the ice chips she could eat. Around 12 noon the following day ( July 30 ), Toni and Byron became parents of two healthy babies.  Kyra Marie Ferguson weighed 6lbs 2oz and Nolan Anthony Ferguson weighed 6lbs 8.5 oz.  Byron shed a few tears now that Moon-Unit was no longer a possibility.

After about 5 days, Byron & Toni, Nolan & Kyra, headed home. Surprisingly enough, taking care of twins is significantly more difficult when babies can’t be handed off to a nurse who takes the babies back to the nursery. After a few sleepless nights ( ok, three and a half months of sleepless nights ), we settled into our
nocturnal ritual, and seemed to survive ..

Toni has now resigned her position at H.P. to stay home and raise Nolan and Kyra. Byron has done this a few times, and its no piece of cake. Byron could in no way afford Toni’s nanny services on his salary, so it is fortunate that Toni is currently doing this on a charity basis.

Both Nolan and Kyra will be 5 months old at the end of this month. Both are developing unique little personalities. Kyra is patient, watchful, and inquisitive. Toni often refers to her as having the patience of a saint- just like herself. Byron didn’t see any of this patience, however, back when Toni was waiting for her ice chips. Nolan requires a bit more entertaining, but loves his food. He opens his-mouth wide in anticipation of a spoon, regardless of the contents. He already has two teeth. In a few
weeks we’ll probably let him graduate to t-bone steaks, corn-on-the-cob, and other more substantial foods. From the gleam in his eye, we’d guess he
has a hankering for some Bar-B-Q.  Byron is still working at Coors. From time to time he tries to do some magic. He was truly hoping for identical twins to use in those mysterious disappearing stage illusions. Now he’ll just settle for having two little assistants.

Molly the St. Bernard, and Guiness the Mutt are taking the new additions to the family quite well. Both should turn out to be good friends and protectors.

Molly has won a few more dog shows since last year. She only needs two more points to be a champion. Without a doubt, this will mean that Toni will want Molly to have puppies. To Byron this simply means many more bags of dog food a month.

Its already half way into December and Byron has yet to install the traditional Christmas light display. Previous years have required additional power feeds from Public Service, and special dispensation from Denver International Airport and the FAA. Several neighbors have visited bringing dishes of food and sympathy cards. They seem convinced that Byron must have gone on to that great Christmas display in the sky. Toni assures them that he’s ok. Just a little slow. Rest assured, those of you east of Colorado need only look to the west in a few days to see the resultant glare!

We hope your Christmas is as wonderful as ours. Our two presents have arrived way before Christmas, but we haven’t tired of playing with them. Both seem fascinated by the twinkling lights on the tree. We look forward to sharing our traditions with them from year to year. May your traditions bring you as much happiness!

Byron, Toni, Nolan & Kyra Ferguson