Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Golden, CO!

Christmas finds Byron and Toni Ferguson just settling into their new-to-them home. A whopping 960 square feet with an unfinished basement there was barely room for “his junk” and “her collections.” Otherwise, it’s starting to take on the appearances of a home. We’ve put in the new carpet, some new paint, some new fixtures. Byron is sure the home owner chores will never end.

Toni & Byron started the year co-directing a children’s show for Loveland Community Theatre. The Prince Who wouldn’t talk had huge turnouts for auditions. We cast 16 young and not so young performers to fill the roster. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and the chance to perform. We enjoyed the directing. Byron did pre-show magic as The Great Byrini and made bunches of balloon animals after every show. Our audiences loved the show and clamored for more children’s shows at LCT.

In May, Toni & Byron took a road trip with Toni’s family to Kansas. They went to attend Toni’s Great Grandmother’s 90th Birthday party . The party was in Garden City and most of Toni’s relatives were there. It was nice to meet all of them, even if it was in Kansas.

In June, Byron & Toni took a quick trip to Las Vegas. Byron’s job didn’t allow for much planning or time, but they enjoyed themselves. We stayed at the MGM- which is a dream come true for the Wizard of Oz collecting Toni. She wanted to buy everything! We hit a few jack pots, but as usual came home losers. The big lottery still eludes us.

At the end of July we bought a house. We moved in at the end of August ( Thanks again to all the sucker… I mean friends that helped us move ). As our friends discovered we have a LOT of stuff. With Byron still working at Coors, he has only a short distance to go to work. Toni now commutes to Loveland (1 Hour 1 Way) where she works at HP/Colorado Memory Systems. She complains everyday about the drive. Hopefully we can find her something a bit closer to home, soon.

In August, Byron hit 30. (Toni was there a while ago :)) Toni through a great party for her husband. Friends and family royally roasted him. He still doesn’t feel like an adult, though, and buys the occasional nerf gun or comic book.

In October we had an addition to the family. No, not a baby, our pound puppy, Guiness.  Guiness is mostly German shepherd with some other stuff mixed in. Does this make us Yuppies or what?

Now Christmas is here. Byron is a raging competition with the neighbors to see who can use the most electricity with an outdoor Christmas light display. Public service was installing larger transformers on the house just this morning! All in all another great year! We hope your holidays are Merry!

Our new address is: 18875 W. 59th Pl.
Golden, CO 80403-1053.

Phone (303) 277-0323.